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Learning French in Normandy

With Céline and Anderske

Language, nature, food & culture

Valuable learning in theOrangery and enjoying ourselves in the beautiful garden
Normandy, France

We will immerse ourselves in the French language, culture and, of course, gastronomy for 5 days.

  • Each day you will be taught by 2 teachers.
  • Céline and Anderske teach 4 hours a day in 2 blocks.
  • You get an hour of private instruction so you can concentrate on just those things that you need.

We take trips to authentic French villages. Can you immediately test your new skills!

We are staying in the Orangery of an old castle. In La Forêt- Auvray. A beautiful, quiet place where there is plenty of room for classes and relaxation.
Annelies provides the meals.

In between the classes the we will, for example, visit a market – and practice our numbers, and how to order our tomatoes for that evening’s salad politely.

In Bayeux, we learn the history of Normandy and England, and enjoy the beautiful city. And in Falaise, we meet William the Conqueror again, this time at the château. A perfect way to revisit the past tenses!

On the last evening, we prepare a banquet together and, of course, put into practice all our lessons learned.

Qui veut encore du vin?

  • July 21 to July 26, 2024
    level A1/A2 – beginners
  • July 27 to Aug. 1, 2024
    level A2/B1 – advanced beginners
Learn French? That's what you do in France!
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We gather at the Orangery, a place where we immerse ourselves together in all that Normandy has to offer. As much as possible in French, of course. Lessons are taught according to the EQF lesson levels.

In two blocks we have 4 hours a day of actual lessons. Here we learn everything we need to build a good foundation of the French language. Sometimes in the “classroom” – but we could just as easily be on the grass in the garden, sometimes in smaller groups. Count on Céline and Anderske to know how to teach this beautiful language in a fun and interesting way.

And during this week you will also receive one hour of private lessons from Anderske or Céline. So that you can discuss just those issues you always run into, or perfect your pronunciation (I still struggle with -tion not pronouncing it as – sjon). Ultimate customization, in other words.

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Beginner or A1/A2 level classes will take place from July 21 to July 26, 2024. You will learn simple concepts to describe the world around you: who you are and what you see. You need time to formulate your sentences. Your interlocutors will have to talk slowly and sometimes repeat what they have said

After this course, you will know enough French to communicate easily with those around you on everyday topics. You can engage in short and concise conversations.

In short, you will learn how to get by in everyday situations and create a fun interaction with French people.

We would like to speak with you in advance to determine the best level with you.

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During the period from July 27 to August 1, we will teach classes at the advanced beginner or A2/B1 level.

You can already talk a little bit about general things. For example, where you are from and what you enjoy doing. In the course you will learn to express yourself better about yourself and the world around you and say what you think and feel. You can have a conversation if it is spoken in simple language.

We will focus on understanding familiar French and offer techniques to make conversations easier to follow.

We contact everyone to determine the appropriate level. This way you can be sure that you will be placed in the right group and learn optimally.

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Céline and Anderske take you through the language and culture of France in a few days. They know better than anyone else what it is like to find your way in a foreign country in a foreign language. In fact, Céline is a Frenchwoman who lived in Amsterdam for many years. Then again, Anderske is Dutch and lives in Toulouse.

celine pro 2

A Frenchwoman from Lille, I spent my entire childhood in the Chti’s region. To better communicate with my stepfamily on the other side of the border, I went to study Dutch at university. After 13 years of living and working in Amsterdam, I was so settled that I had to follow the path of the many Dutch people emigrating to the south of France to live in Toulouse.

Committed, but also critical of society, I know from experience what it means to learn a language.


In 2012, I got to know Toulouse as an Erasmus student and aupair. With my diplomas in my pocket (Cultural and Social Studies and French teacher training), I decided to stay in Toulouse a little longer anyway.

I started teaching Dutch, set up the association PRAATJE and, after several jobs in the corporate world, began working as a freelance teacher of Dutch and French. Now 10 years on, I have continued to build my association, teach full-time French and Dutch classes and still love France !


We are staying at the Orangery. A beautiful place in la Suisse Normande where we have the space to vacation and learn together as a group. There is a large living room, separate kitchen and separate dining room. As a result, we don’t get in each other’s way. In the spacious garden you can almost get lost. And hopefully pick strawberries in the “potager”.

There are 5 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, and there is a separate studio. You can see the layout of the bedrooms below. The studio is attached to Annelies’ house and has its own front door, bedroom, bathroom and small kitchen. Anderske and Céline sleep on the ground floor of the gite.

The Orangerie is located next to the chateau of La Fôret-Auvray, near La Roche d’Oetre nature reserve, 20 minutes from Falaise, 45 minutes from Caen. About 2.5 hours from Paris by train. And about 650 kilometers from Utrecht.

You can very well choose to travel by public transportation. You can take the train to Argentan station. If you let us know when booking we will provide transportation to the Orangery.
Please note that the classes are held in a remote location; you will need transportation to get to the bakery, supermarket or restaurant.

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Prices are per person

  • Single room: €900
  • Double room: €850
  • Three-bed room: €800
  • Studio: €900


I am the hostess of the Orangery. I have lived here for 2 years and am thoroughly enjoying it.

Because that’s what it’s all about for me. Enjoyment. Of a tompouce or of French life!

And I like to share in that. That’s why I make sure the garden looks nice, the beds are made when you arrive and delicious meals are on the table every day. I look forward to meeting you!


To take in as much of French culture and nature as possible, we go out every day! There is something for everyone on this trip, as we go to the market, to the small town of Falaise, to tourist attraction Bayeux and we head into nature at cliff formation Roche d’Oetre.

Market St Pierre sur Dives

A beautiful town, St Pierre, with a formidable regional market. The old market halls provide a beautiful backdrop for the market held every Monday. All kinds of fruits and vegetables are offered here. It is a feast for the eyes.


Bayeux is world-famous for the oldest “comic strip” in the world. The 11th-century tapestry tells the story of the Battle of Hastings. It is impressive to see the story, and especially to think that this has been preserved for so long. In addition to the tapestry, Bayeux also has a beautiful cathedral and a wonderfully French atmosphere.


The birthplace of William the Conqueror (Yes, the one from the Battle of Hastings) The castle, or old fortress gives a good idea of how people used to live in Falaise. Falaise was also fought in World War II, which you can see in the museum next to the castle. A drink in the square de la Belle Croix completes a visit to Falaise.

Roche d’Oetre

A beautiful natural area a stone’s throw from the Orangery. Marvel at the depth of the cliffs and take a brisk walk to the riverbank.

We will travel together to the excursions and count on it not being a problem to car-pool.

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House rules of the Orangery

Anything goes at the Orangery, but there are some rules. By participating in the language course, you promise to abide by these rules.


This course includes the following:

  • The lessons as described above
  • 5 nights in the Orangery
  • Meals except lunch in St Pierre sur Dives and Bayeux. .
  • The entrance to the Falaise castle and museum in Bayeux

Not included

Some items are not included:

  • The journey to and from the Orangery
  • Travel to and from the excursions
  • Drinks outside of meals
  • Other self-titled expenses

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