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House Rules

Together with guests, neighbors and animals

Being considerate of each other

Did you know. About me, the neighbors and the vegetable garden

Normandy, France

I, Annelies, live and work at the Orangery to share the place. Therefore
I do everything I can to make it a beautiful place. Together with a landscaper, Anne Flora, I work to make the garden even more beautiful. So we make borders around the terraces to enjoy drinks surrounded by flowers. And are thinking about an edible hedge arch.

Thinking in possibilities

That’s what I try to do as much as possible, think in terms of possibilities. But there are some rules.

One important one is that the neighbor’s land, belongs to the neighbor. So the chateau and the surrounding garden may not be visited, unfortunately.

I have agreed with my very kind neighbors that my guests are allowed to play music and make noise, but that if it bothers the neighbors they will let me know immediately and the noise pollution will be removed immediately.
Please note that the neighbor’s house is about 200 meters from the cottage.

Making use of the vegetable garden

An important part of the garden at the Orangery is the vegetable garden.When I cook, I always try to use something that comes from my own garden. Due to the size of the groups, and the size of the vegetable garden, it is not possible to have all vegetables come from the vegetable garden. But what I have I am happy to share, feel free to ask me about it. Certainly the herbs are there to be used, which may be done without asking. The strawberries also beg to be tasted!

Huisregels kort en krachtig
Water, firewood, fuel oil

Oil heating is included in the price of your stay for bookings made between Oct. 1 and April 30. Heating hours are adjusted according to weather conditions and temperature. Unless otherwise noted, it is not included or anticipated to be required during a summer booking between May 1 and Sept. 30.

Wood for use in the wood stove is provided, especially for the colder months. This wood is only for use in the wood stove and fire bowl not for use in the barbecues. Campfires are strictly prohibited and at certain times of the year absolutely against the law in France because of the fire hazard all summer. We will notify you if this is applicable during your stay.

L’Orangerie has a metered water supply and you are asked not to waste water excessively. L’Orangerie has 3 large hot water tanks with a total of 750 liters of water, which are heated overnight for use the next day. Guests are asked to use the water and hot water facilities reasonably. The local water supply is fine for drinking.

Toilets and septic tanks

The accommodation uses a septic tank as there is no main sewerage available in the countryside. Only cleaning products that are safe for use with a septic tank should be used – this includes not using some bleach and antibacterial sprays in the kitchen and bathrooms, as overuse of the wrong products will destroy the good bugs in the septic tank near the bottom of the yard, and it will no longer function efficiently.

Two of the toilets use cutters. The system is very effective; however, it does not work when improper material is flushed. Do not flush anything other than toilet paper. Feminine hygiene products or wet wipes should never be flushed. If it is found that feminine hygiene products or other improper matter has been flushed and the chipper system becomes clogged, you may be charged for the time required to clear the blockage (usually 2 hours), including in extreme cases the cost resulting from engaging local plumbing services. If you think you made a mistake and flushed something inappropriate, contact the owner as soon as possible so that it can be corrected immediately if necessary and to avoid problems and damage to the unit.


Smoking is not allowed in the house. If you smoke in the gardens, please do not leave cigarette butts on the property – a sand pot is available for use outside the kitchen door.

Cleaning and use

Guests must leave the property and gardens in the same clean and tidy condition in which they found them upon arrival. If the property is not left in good condition, a fee will be charged.

You are expected to use the house for vacation or business meeting during the booked period for personal group members, as notified to the owner prior to arrival. Guests must keep the premises, furniture, fixtures and fittings in as good a state of repair and condition as when the rental began.

Guests initially receive 2 sets of keys. Lost keys will be charged €25, – per set. In case of emergency, spare sets are available at the cottage. You are requested to lock the premises while no one is present, and close the windows downstairs.


Guests staying in the accommodation do so at their own risk. Upstairs, like most old houses, the house has some low doorways and beams and uneven floors. Guests taller than 5’6″/1m78 are expected to be careful with some beams. Any problems should be reported to the owners as soon as possible.

Animals and other creatures

The French campaign, the countryside: that means a lot of animals. Pets and also some animals we’d rather not have in the house. And some allowance must be made for that. The neighbor’s dog runs loose and sometimes on the grounds of the Orangery. If that is a problem: please let us know.

My cat, Zorro, also lives here. He looks young, but already an old boy, he prefers to be left alone.

The animals we’d rather not have in the house, yes, unfortunately, there also live nearby. Like mice, ants and flies. Keep that in mind when storing food. Then we try to keep them out as much as possible.


Guests agree to assume full and exclusive responsibility for the safety and conduct of themselves and all other members of their party and to exclude all liability for any injury, loss or damage, in any manner whatsoever, to the Owner, to the extent the same may be excluded by law. In case of violation of the above conditions, guests are liable to compensate the owner for any loss or damage, in any way suffered. In the event of a complaint about the rental, guests should notify the owners within 24 hours and in any case confirm it in writing within 7 days from the date of termination of the rental. There is no liability to the property owner without such written notice.

The items listed in this document are not exhaustive. Any error or omission in this document does not invalidate the rest of the document.

Afspraken omtrent honden

I understand very well that
our pets as part of the family enjoy going on vacation with us. We would like to make that possible at the Orangery.

Maximum 2 dogs

Up to 2 dogs may be brought, at a small additional cost.

Dog Kit

And a “dog kit” is available in the Orangery with plastic bags and a ground pen with a long leash, old towels for when the dog gets wet and some toys suitable for the dog. (The rest of the balls and frisbies are just for the kids)


The dogs are allowed in the common areas, but not in the bedrooms. So dog owners provide a good sleeping place for the dog. The dog is not allowed on the couches. This means that if the dog,0 when alone, would still jump on the couch a crate must be provided, or the dog sleeps in the kitchen or dining room.


The dog may walk freely in the garden, but under the supervision and responsibility of the owners. Any “presents” left by the dog in the yard will be cleaned up immediately.

Your dog & other animals

The neighbor’s dog is running loose. This one also sometimes comes into the garden of the Orangery. This is why it is so important to supervise the dog. Also, the neighbors have free-roaming geese and have a horse.

I have a cat that does not go outside on the loose, but does have an outdoor area that he can safely be in outside. He is not very used to dogs. I also have 2 chickens in a run.

If your dog cannot handle these conditions well, I kindly ask you not to bring your dog to the Orangery.