Will I go for a combination of the cat, the couch, a blanket and/or chocolate this Sunday? Or do I opt for a nearby flea market? There is always one to be found, from a few tables to a pasture full of stands. A delightful outing. Also if you don't want to do math...

A Sunday in May

Since there is always something to do at the Orangery, I have a, self-imposed rule that I don’t work on Sundays. And then the temptation is to see how many combinations are possible with the following variables: me, the cat, the couch, a blanket and chocolate. But since it’s Sunday and I don’t work on Sundays, I unfortunately can’t calculate that right now, because calculations = work.

Sunday flea markets

So some Sundays I leave the whole me-cat-couch combination challenge for what it is and go out. Especially in May. Because May is the beginning of vide grenier season. It seems like every self-respecting village holds a flea market in May. Usually announced on the side of the road by a handmade sign or by an A4 sheet on a very small pole just above the ground – I would rather do math calculations than risk my life to read that! But, luckily, I discovered: there is also an app!

So, on Sundays, over coffee, I check to see where there is a brocante, vide grenier, vide maison or something similar in the area. It is not always immediately clear what the scale of the event will be, sometimes 3 tables, more often a mowed meadow with 20 or so booths and very occasionally a real market with all sorts of goodies.

Provide small change

I’ve already learned some wise lessons, having small change is a must, if you see something you like you shouldn’t think: I’ll just walk back later to pick it up because then you won’t be able to find it ánd I have an unhealthy fondness for glasses and everything to do with ceramics.

In the past 2 Sundays I managed to buy a set by the fireplace (what is that even called?), about 20 glasses for 5 euros and a fence. Yes, a fence – I’ll explain that later. And chairs, really of the Louis XVI era. Really!?! I think they are beautiful.

Good math?

And those glasses? I could totally see those on a nicely set table outside. Not too big with a nice pattern and in 3 sizes. So I had a chat – 2 euros for the big one, he said. I calculate, not my hobby, 2 euros per glass, what shall I do… he says: 2 euros for all of them. Oh,… and what about the smaller ones? That one? 1 euro. And the whole row of smaller ones? 3! And all of them? Turns out that man doesn’t like math either: 5 euros! Pack it up!