Annelies, nostalgia? You live in France for barely a month. Well. Heus. You can. So. Because, at the market in Caen, I remember it well, on March 1, 2020, I decided to buy the Orangery. And so I like to go to the market in Caen on Sundays.

400 stalls in Caen for Annelies

I had driven to Caen with my father, for the first time in Normandy, on the bonnefooi on Sunday. I guess because I needed coffee AND because I wanted to know if the largest city in the area would appeal to me. There then turned out to be a market there: with up to 400 stalls in high season!

With all kinds of fruits and vegetables, fish and oysters, picked right from the harbor. Roasted chicken and food from all over the world. A valhalla for someone who loves to cook. So for me 😀

Standing in line

One of the things I do have to get used to a bit is that people line up very neatly. So not that you stand there where the product is that you want to buy and then yell “I do” very loudly when they ask “who’s turn”. So no, you first walk by the stall, decide you want something and then you go to the back of the line. Then, when it’s your turn it is, I believe, appropriate to walk past the entire stall to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything, but all in all it’s quite an experience!

After the market, to the beach

Last time I was there I opted for a falafel sandwich – yummy!!! – but my ultimate idea is to drive on to the beach after the market, which ends at 1 o’clock anyway, for a plateau de fruits de mer with a glass of white wine. The logistics of that operation – the cooler with ice cubes and the right place at the beach still needs some preparatory actions, but that will definitely work out!